Mi-8MTV2: The Border Campaign Armen Murazyan / Eagle Dynamics SA 2017

This campaign requires DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight and uses Steam Keys instead of Starforce keys. As such, this purchase cannot be activated on the DCS World e-Shop version. "The Border" is the storyline campaign of a Russian Air-Force pilot flying the Mi-8MTV2 helicopter inside DCS World. The player serves as a helicopter commander in the South Ossetia border area. In the course of 15 missions you’ll have to fly day and night sorties, deliver cargo and military personnel to remote outposts, land and pick up ground forces by helicopter, participate in special-forces raids conducted at the territory of the Republic. Features: 15 adventurous single player missions; 206 voiced radio dialogues in the campaign's missions; Detailed mission briefings with flight plan pictures; Russian localization includes voiceovers and subtitles; English localization includes subtitles.
Download: None currently available

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