Evil Within 2, The Tango Gameworks / Bethesda Softworks 2017

From mastermind Shinji Mikami, the author of such video game series such as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, this is the latest evolution of survival horror. Detective Sebastian Castellanos has lost it all. But when given a chance to save his daughter, he must descend once more into the nightmarish world of STEM. Horrifying threats emerge from every corner as the world twists and warps around him. Will Sebastian face adversity head on with weapons and traps, or sneak through the shadows to survive. Story of Redemption - Return to the nightmare to win back your life and the ones you love. Discover Horrifying Domains - Explore as far or quickly as you dare, but prepare wisely. Face Disturbing Enemies - Survive the onslaught of horrifying creatures determined to rip you apart. Choose How to Survive - Craft traps, sneak, run and hide, or try to battle the horror with limited ammo. Visceral Horror and Suspense - Enter a frightening world filled with anxiety-inducing thrills and disturbing moments. Another solution is to take the stealth approach and quietly eliminate the foes with a crossbow. Of course, one can also decide to run for it. Sebastian can use a comlink to consult his friend – Julia Kidman – who eagerly guides him through this horrible reality.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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