Force Majeure (cancelled) Monokey 2007

This is an indie shmup developed by the defunct Swedish developer Monokey, a team that included pixel artist Junkboy. It was originally made for the Shmup-Dev Autofire 2007 Competition. A lot of inspiration for this project has been absorbed from games like Progear or In the Hunt. Both keyboard and gamepad movement are supported. It's reminiscent of Metal Slug if you turned it into a horizontal scrolling shooter. Choose from two lethal and sexy pilots, each one with their own fighter. Bravo's fighter is faster but does not do as much damage as Choke's one, who tends to be a bit slower. Bravo's subweapon is a rocket, fired from the bottom of the ship and then traveling forward, while Choke has a megaton bomb which is simply dropped on enemies. Also take a look at the monitor under the pilots. It will show you were the weak spot on their plane is. This is the spot were you don't want any enemy bullets. The slow moving green carrier ships carry a power up. Power ups marked P will level up the cannons, while power ups marked A enables the side arm for your fighter. A second player can join any time by pressing the player 2 start button, but do configure the keys or buttons first. In order to score high in this game you can't just blindly roaming around and shooting enemies. You will need to earn medal multiplier points to reach the true score levels. The medal multiplier is located in the lower corner of the screen. At first you won't see anything but when you start to get multiplier points you will notice how a medal with appear and if you're really good it will evolve. By shooting down an adversary, any fresh bullets fired by the enemy will dissolve and add multiplayer points to the player. However the fastest way is to stay really close to an enemy and shoot the finishing bullet. If you are successful you will hear a metal sound and multiplier points will be added. Watch out though, you don't wanna get too close when the enemy starts shooting and crashing into you. When you are hit by an enemy or an enemy bullet you will lose all your multiplier points and your medal multiplier level will be reset to zero again. Extends are given at fifty thousand points and then at every seventy-five thousand points.Unfortunately the team disbanded before the game was fully completed but the demo is very solid, although really difficult.
Level Demo v0.2 11MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

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