Broke Protocol: Online City RPG Cylinder Studios 2017

Early Access Release Become the Most Successful (or Most Wanted) man in the city. This is like a low-poly GTA Online with a strong focus on roleplaying features. You define your own goals and identity in a persistent, interactive, and reactive online sandbox. You can roleplay in limitless ways to gain money, power, and influence in a diverse low-poly world. You start with nothing and have to build your wealth, while managing your hunger, thirst, stamina, and addiction levels. Climb to the top of the criminal underworld, or live your life as a paramedic, firefighter, gangster, or law enforcer. You write your own story. Features: Supports up to 255 online players per server; Wide open and continuously expanding city with suburbs, market, prison, marina, and airport; Hundreds of AI citizens, police, firefighters, paramedics, and criminals roaming the city streets; 3D Positional VOIP to talk with other players near you; Take on any job yourself to bring order and justice to the streets; Enterable interiors with staff, guards, and shopping areas; Dozens of usable weapons, guns, tazers, grenades, flashbangs, smokes, seeds, drugs, and handcuffs; Ownable homes/apartments and gangs/territory system; Usable vehicles and aircraft, with boats and motorcycles coming soon.
Download: None currently available

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