Fields of Battle Super X Studios LLC 2017

Desgined to play great with or without VR. The #1 Extreme Sports First-Person Shooter franchise is back. Greg Hastings Paintball presents Fields of Battle. Whether you're a paintball player or a first-person shooter fan, it will satisfy your desire to blast the competition. Think you know shooters? This is real combat - one hit, one elimination. Manage your gear, use cover, adjust for windage, and angle your shots. There's no auto-aim here, it's PURE skill and PURE action. Instant Leaderboards let you play locally but compete GLOBALLY. Compete in real-time against dozens of other players as you battle neck-and-neck for the high score in ever-changing events. Play how you want - In VR, out of VR, with motion controllers, with a gamepad, with keyboard/mouse - and switch at ANY time, EVEN DURING A GAME. Participate in a persistent online competitive world that is constantly changing. Compete in live online events against dozens of other players in real time. Play at REAL locations (and a few fantasy ones) all over the world, at more than 60 massive, authentic fields. Customize your character and upgrade with tons of REAL gear. An amazing arsenal of customizable weaponry, including automatic, burst mode, clip-fed, MilSim, and speedball markers, and don't forget the PAINT GRENADES. Full 3D graphics, including detailed environments, shadows, multi-level structures, outdoor and indoor environments, and more. Challenging weather - play in the sun, the rain, fog, and wind.
Download: None currently available

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