Snail Mail Alpha72 Games / Sandlot Games 2004

This is an arcade game featuring snail called Turbo. Native to Earth, Turbo is the only hope the Intergalactic Snail Mail service has to neutralize the threat that evil Slugs pose to all the package delivery system of the universe. The game challenges the player to guide Turbo through dozens of original levels while avoiding various obstacles and collecting postal packages on the way. The more packages per level Turbo will collect the bigger score the player receives. Turbo's shell is mounted with the cannon which can be used to fight off the Slugs or push the asteroids out of the way. The cannon may be upgraded to laser and rocket launcher by collecting a special power-up. At the beginning of the game players are offered three different game modes. The Postal Mode is the only mode that will advance player through the game. The Time Trial is for those wishing to set the record for beating the levels already opened. And the Challenge mode offers a non-stop obstacle course giving the player a chance to earn as much points as possible.
Full Demo 6.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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