Transformers Battle Universe Ezone 2007

This was a fighting game for Hasbro's proprietary Net Jet "instant online game system." Its roster included ten characters and various locations from Transformers brand franchises such as Generation 1, Beast Wars, and the 2007 movie. The Net Jet system was discontinued by Hasbro on December 31, 2009, rendering the game unplayable, but in 2017, playability was restored through the efforts of fans. There are five Environments that you can play in, the last three need to be unlocked: Ark Crash Landing, Metro City, Cybertron, Space Bridge (an orange spire on an asteroid orbiting Cybertron. You may even get a glimpse of Unicron's severed head floating by), Future Detroit (from Animated). During most of the modes of play, the only alternate mode that you get is a brief one or two second change before transforming back to robot mode — just enough to get off an attack. It's an effective way to get your opponent to back off and gets you more points than a punch or a kick. However, during the Adventure mode, which pits you against five opponents one-at-a-time, you can use the transformation button between opponents to get extended use of the alternate mode. You won't change back until you hit the button again. If you get the Matrix before transforming back, then the battle will start with both of you in alternate mode. This can actually be disadvantageous though, especially if you choose the beasts or G1 Megatron. Primal and Dino Megatron have no attacks when in beast mode; the only damage they can do is by running into their opponent. G1 Megatron is on a fixed pedestal, which means the opponent can strike from any angle, but Megatron can't move to get out of the way. Still, it is fun, even if it's not an effective way to fight.
Full Demo (3D Groove GX) 30.3MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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