Silent Hunter III - U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean Combat Planes Inc. / X1 Software 2006

The second unofficial expansion to Silent Hunter III, the cult-classic WWII submarine simulator. The add-on offers a campaign taking place in the Mediterranean theater during years 1941-1943. The authors introduced a number of fixes and novelties, including changes to torpedo hit rates (the torpedoes' ricochet and misfire rates were reworked), decreased radar efficiency, and higher chance of detecting surfaced submarines. Moreover, we've received new ports (including Salamis, Constanta, or Taranto), and new ship classes. It's also characteristic for cosmetic features, such as additional air support, the ability to change the color of our vessel, or improved graphics including reworked smoke effects. Finally, the game received an extensive tutorial. It adds about 40 new ships and extends the original mission with additional missions. There are also eight training missions, eight battle scenarios and four historical missions. The other features mostly improve the game's graphics and realism.
ISO Demo 435MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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