Trianga's Project: Battle Splash 2.0 Dranya Studio 2017

Early Access Release This is a Fast-paced, Competitive, Team-based Third Person Shooter where there is No Killing, No Blood and No Violence. It tells a story about Trianga Polyga, who created a Virtual/Augmented Reality system that could simulate real-life experience/environment in an enclosed area, called "Brainwave Oriented Simulation System (or B.O.S.s)". She then wrote "Battle Splash", a game inside B.O.S.s that features high speed Water Balloons and Water simulation in order to create the most intense Squirt Gun Battle ever. She then invited her friend (Temiko Kangara), her cousin (Pentaga Polyga) and her sister (Quadra Polyga) to test the game out. After an unexpected journey due to a bug during the test, she then further improved the game, and made the second version of it: "Battle Splash 2.0". The game is designed to be as Easy to Play as possible, while still keeps the best features of Classic Arena Shooter and Class-based Shooter. It's gameplay heavily relies on Water Splash Mechanic, which changes the shape of the Water explosion depending on the surrounding area. Player takes control of the 4 playable female characters, which represent 4 different Classes, team-up with their friends, and work their way together to become the Winners. Key Features: Fast, Intense, and Challenging gameplay; No one dies, no one gets hurts, no violence. Friendly designs. Available for all ages; Water Splash mechanic - water splash will bounce off the surface upon contact, changing the shape of the Area of Effect; Run to Dry mechanic - The faster you move, the faster you recover/dry up; 3 totally different game modes; Different map means different Environment Mechanic; Play as you like - All Basic Weapons are available for all Characters; 4 Classes with different stats and distinct Special Abilities; Challenging AI players that can adapt to your performance, which pushes your skills to the limit; Everyone can start their own Public/Private Server and enjoy a seamless match with Drop-in/Drop-out mechanic; Support up to 4 teams per Map/Server; Support up to 24 players/AIs (for minimum system requirement) and 32 players/AIs (for recommended system requirement) per Server; Better rig/network connection can push the players/AIs limit beyond 32; Modding supports; Vast and colorful Environments that take places anywhere possible.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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