Devil Guns: Demon Bullet Hell Arena Drunken Apes 2017

Early Access Release It's time to kill some demons. Trapped in an abysmal, insane cartoon world, you have to survive among uncountable hordes of demons. Survive as long as you can in this horde mode based first person survival arena shooter. Defeat the demon lord of every arena and become the greatest demon hunter of all times. Each arena has a different phase and random happenings on the map. In each area, you have to search unique and crazy guns to increase your chance of survival. Each arena has differently themed demons to kill, some are spooky, psycho and sometimes even cute, but don't get fooled. You can unlock even more arenas when you reach the high scores. And get ready for Halloween, because then it's going really nuts, boy. Blast them all, but don't get scared.
Download: None currently available

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