War Story, A Partical Studios / Maruf ARTUKO─×LU 2017

This is a Low Poly War Game. If you want, you can fight with terrorist enemies on story mode, if you want you can play mini games or if you want you can enjoy with your friends in multiplayer deathmatch mode. Story Mode with CutScene animations. Multiplayer Deathmatch with Lobby System and Level System. Story Mode: We are the best soldier of secret mercenary team. Terrorists are making big plans to explode the city. We are always fighting with them. We always destroying their bombs. But our biggest target is their big nuclear bomb plans. We'll destory their bases and nuclear bombs. Multiplayer works with lobby system. If you want you can click to "Lobbies" button then search the other player's lobbies. But you can create your own Lobby and invite your steam friends and enter to the game.
Download: None currently available

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