When It Hits the Fan Heartfelt Games LLC 2017

In 199X the world was at peace... until it all hit the fan. This is an action arcade twin-stick shooter for PC and arcade that you can play with a friend that was inspired by many classic arcade and SNES/Sega Genesis era games. It features four apocalypse scenarios happening all at once: Zombies spilled out into the city streets; AI in military grade robots went haywire; Demons started pouring out of hell; And finally, aliens started invading the planet. Features: 2 Player local co-op ; 4 Zones (City, Laboratory, Underground/Hell, and Alien Spaceship); 9 Weapons: Handgun, Double Handgun, Shotgun, Machine gun, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Laser pistol, Laser Cannon, and Chainsaw; Various power-ups (Invincibility cloak, Force shield, protective cross); Many enemies from all four apocalypses (zombies, irradiated cockroaches, out of control robots, demon imps and devils, alien brutes, and more). Free Bonus Content: Over 40 achievements; Unlock Hard Mode and Cheat Mode for maximum re-playability; Cheat Mode includes pick your weapon to play the full game with the most powerful weapons of your choice. Three difficulty settings to allow for your style of play: Easy - less enemies and slower bullets; Normal - the way it was meant to be played; Hard (Unlockable) - more enemies, more difficult enemy patterns.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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