Simple Apocalypse, The Dry Eel Development 2017

Early Access Release This is a not-so-realistic fun little shooter game, the purpose of this game was to create a simple shooter that you can easily jump into and start playing immediately. Game modes: CO-OP - You and your friends mission is to clear the area of enemies (NPCs); Deathmatch; Protect the Civilians - Protect a bunch of confused Civilians from the hordes of Zombies until the timer ends; Zombie Brawl - A melee only game mode, where you race against your competition on who gets the most kills (NPCs); Simple Royale - A Battle Royale game mode, last man standing, however, when you die, you will spawn as a useless Zombie. It has a wide variety of weaponry to use, such as: Automatic Rifles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Melee weapons. There is also several drivable vehicles at your disposal: Armored Tanks, Armored Trucks, Armored Cars, Civilian Vehicles. Other features included are: Enterable buildings, you can climb on top of Rooftops or Guard towers to take cover from enemies; Advanced Bullet Projectiles with Ricochet and bullet penetration; Artificial Intelligence will react to your actions; Dedicated Server support; Achievements; Player Skins & Characters.
Download: None currently available

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