Consortium: The Tower Interdimensional Games Inc 2017

Early Access Release A pure sci-fi single-player immersive simulation. Dive into a world shaped by YOUR choices. Explore, talk, fight or sneak through The Churchill Tower in 2042. Play this game entirely on its own or import your universe from CONSORTIUM and continue your story seamlessly. Playing the first game is NOT required to fully understand the narrative. Imported games include alternate dialogue and situations stemming from your previous choices. New Players unfamiliar with CONSORTIUM will also be given unique dialogue and situations based on having NOT played the first game. Explore hundreds of pages of optional backstory and lore through an in-game Information Console (our version of a codex). A semi-realtime element allows for events to trigger based on playtime, and for world events outside of The Tower to pop periodically. Keep an eye out on these events, and piece together an interconnected narrative that spans well past the confines of The Tower. It's a highly dangerous environment, with extreme temperatures, security turrets, potentially hostile soldiers, great heights, deadly air vents and more making simple survival a real challenge. Utilize a classic drag and drop RPG inventory system and manage a wide variety of gear and ammunition that turns you into the world’s ultimate super soldier - a Consortium Bishop. Make deals with combatant squad leaders for better gear, or take them down and loot their bodies. All of your technology requires Utility Energy to function. Get more Utility Energy by "recycling" dozens of everyday objects scattered throughout the world. Find and unlock the Engineering System and gain the ability to upgrade all of your gear to suit your playing style. More than 50 currently available upgrades, with more to come. Choose to talk your way through the entire game, and never even raise your weapon. Every single NPC, including all of the "bad guys," are there for a narrative reason. You have the choice to try and strike up a conversation with everyone you can find using our realistic, and heavily upgraded waterfall dialog system. All combatant squad leaders include full backstories along with believable motivations for their actions, and a path toward alliance. You can also speak to the members of the various squads... some may not want to speak with you, but many will and may offer up useful information for your mission. Choose to pit yourself against AI driven mercenaries and soldiers that will flank you, take cover and have a genuine sense of self-preservation - they will surrender to you if they are clearly losing. They can also fall unconscious, but be sure to inject them with incapacitating nanites or they will eventually wake up and re-join the fight. Battle against a variety of deadly security turrets that are challenging to destroy. Utilize SIX different weapons and a total of TEN different fire-modes with differing tactical value. Your equipment will take damage from incoming fire, so you’ll have to deploy repair nanites to keep your gear in working order. You have complete freedom to explore the completely non-linear and interconnected sections of the Churchill Tower as you see fit. Early Access Alpha 1.0 includes roughly half of the finished gameworld at a minimum: the roof with currently 6 different ways into the Tower interior you can find; a massive park entombed by construction nanites and transparent titanium; multiple vent mazes and elevator shafts; multiple floors of the hotel; large mysterious water filled pipes and multiple industrial areas; the spacious and open Hotel Lobby. Use your freefall suit to FLY anywhere you can see as long as you have enough utility energy. Seamless first-person parkour. Super jump and ledge grab your way into dozens of hidden areas and secret ways into and around the building. The more AI sees you, the more agitated they get which in turn increases their chance of engaging in combat with you. If you wish to avoid gunfights, you will need to manage how much the AI sees and hears you.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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