Supersonic Tank Cats Molegato 2017

Early Access Release Inspired in the all-time karts games classics, this breezes into Steam to capture the style and manners of sagas such as Mario Kart and Sonic & All Stars Racing. The game offers full Time Trials, Grand Prix and online/offline multiplayer Splitscreen GP and Battle Modes. High-Tech Tank-Kitty Roaster - Choose between five adorable half-cat-half-combat fully armed vehicles to prevent your rivals from winning. Each character has a different playstyle and backstory. Wacky Cartoony Racetracks - At this stage you can compete in 4 distinct zany tracks and become No.1 Champion. More racetracks will be included as the Early Access progress. Weapons à gogo - Each of these wheeled creatures is equipped with powerful arms. Use special power-ups to gain advantage from other racers.
Download: None currently available

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