Map Swapper 2014

This allows you to play Far Cry 4 console maps on your PC. It also loads other systems' maps on PS4. It works in coop mode too. PC gamers just download and run on the same PC as you're running the game from. This will allow you to install (enable) and uninstall (disable) the Map Swapper feature, just follow the on-screen instructions. Keep the app running, to make sure the game will not re-load the map from cache. Once the Swapper is running, visit and click on the map you want to play. From the Far Cry 4 Main Menu, select Map Browser and play the map called "MapSwapper" (Search Maps --> by Map Name). All set! The game will think it is downloading the 'MapSwapper' map, but instead should download the map you picked from this website.
Download 403kb (uploaded by Official Site)
Maps (uploaded by Official Site)

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