Deadly Skies (cancelled) Funcom 1995

This had the merit of being original, as it tried to mix two games that have little in common: "Afertburner" and "Street Fighter II". Eight opponents had to face each other in pitiless air duels. The steering is quite simple, and you can not go up or down more than 30 degrees. How do you do this in order to turn around quickly or make figures to avoid missiles? It's simple: special moves! Combinations of keys make it possible to realize these figures. To recharge energy or missiles, simply pass through the gates on the ground without crashing. When the adversary must do the same, he is more vulnerable. There are several types of weapons, it seems that we can only use one at a time. For PC, only a demo was made that only shows one map and two characters. There is no other trace of the game in the press, except for a cover and the test of the Saturn version in Sega Pro magazine, and only the PlayStation version seems to be released.
Level Demo 4MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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