Better Off Tread Pixel Constructor, LLC 2017

This is a nonstop arena combat game in which teams of players square off against each other using a collection of unusual – and often comical – armored vehicles. Colorful and full of action, Better Off Tread trades in yet more brown military combat for a whole lot of BOOM. Up to twelve players can split into teams to blast the treads off their opponents in a variety of exotic locales. A common formula, to be sure, but it remembers to put the 'fun' in 'conflagration'. Looking for a whole lotta boom? Look no further: it serves up colorful nonstop arena combat for up to 12 players. Square off with a motley line-up of weird, wild armored combatants. Build your team and blast the treads off friends and foes in exotic locales. Choose your weapon - From the sturdy Kamrad to the floating Future Boy, every model of tank is a little different. From zippy glass cannons to slow but mighty behemoths - there's a tank for every playstyle. Conquer strange arenas - Take a trip to Battletown. Delve into the secrets of the Undertread. Face your foes in the Temple of Boom. Travel to fascinating places, meet interesting tanks, and blow them to smithereens. Let's be real - who wouldn't want to drive a tank wearing a giant top hat and mustache? How about mud flaps and a trucker hat? Better Off Tread has all this and more.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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