Mecho Tales Arcade Distillery 2017

From Director Luc Bernard comes two new stories set in the world of the critically-acclaimed Desert Ashes. Guide Little Thief and Angel through challenging 2D platforming stages, as they seek the wisdom of an enigmatic Professor. Defeat hordes of robotic enemies with the help of the RoboBuddy combat drone and unlock new drones with different attack types, all with 360° aiming. Controller highly recommended. Between you and the Professor are a multitude of machines eager to put a stop to your adventures. Dodge bullets, missiles, and bombs from Jumali's robot army while navigating stages filled with spikes, bottomless pits and other traps. 8 unique drone typed: RoboBuddy - Simple and dependable, the RoboBuddy's basic form fires a long-range projectile; Teslar - Discharges bolts of electricity that multiply and bounce off walls; Swanwave - Who needs to aim? The Swanwave shoots balls of energy in a wave of increasing width. Less effective in tight spaces; Rockettoh - Explosive rockets launched in an arc; Bombastii - Lobs rolling bombs; perfect for enemies beneath you; Aquata - This fishy drone fires a powerful ball of condensed energy at a slow rate. Corrosoe - Launches vials that explode in a shower of deadly acid; Flameburster - Sprays fire at a limited range. More fun with friends - it supports up to four players in cooperative multiplayer. Team up for frenzied, action-packed adventure.
Download: None currently available

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