Resurgence: Earth United Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc. 2017

Early Access Release This is a 3D action RPG set in Earths future, following an alien invasion that almost left mankind extinct. Pilot a MKII R.A.V, earths most advanced fighting system every created, a remote robotic extension of a human’s mind. As a new member of Earth United's elite fighting force, you now have access to the arena, where you are to mesh with your R.A.V and train to defend humanity from an unyielding threat from the stars. Arena Mode: Fight in Squads up to 4 against endless waves of enemies honing your skills. The Orion Class: A Ranged model of Robotic Assault Class (First Class Available in Resurgence). Loot System a way to gain Item Levels increasing the stats of your gear ENDLESSLY. Every 10th wave contains a final test, an elite unit meant to test you and your team's skill. 2 unique enemy Types (Rusher and Ranged). Playfab Storage for Player Data. Easy to Join Multiplayer games. Invite your friends to play with you through Steam, your adventure awaits. Future installments that will take you and your team into the vast void seeking honor through victory.
Download: None currently available

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