Ground War Tanks / Project Tank Gamebox 2013

This is a faster take on the online tank fighting genre with more forgiving matches featuring re-spawn mechanics, as well as the game being played fully via Unity, allowing you to log into your account and play from almost any PC or tablet you come across in your travels. Pick and and play it on the go, whenever you want - No download required. Three factions: Build up your arsenal of Axis, Alliance, and Soviet war machines based on real world tank models. Multiple Modes: Keep gameplay fresh with Commander Mode, Capture the Base, Point Mode, and a multi-wave co-op vs AI Defense mode. RPG Elements: Earn credits to unlock new tanks, or upgrade your existing crew and components to build the ultimate tanks in each tier. The game when in beta was sued by World of Tanks creator for copying things directly from their game.
Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin (uploaded by Official Site)

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