Void Pirates (cancelled) Diversions Software / SofSource 1998

2135 AD, Lundy Outpost: Europa Colony. Recently unemployed, you accept a cargo run into the asteroid belt. The pay is good, a little too good... But you need the money. The job goes wrong... a simple pickup turns into 24 innocent dead. Who set you up? Why? Hours later, there is a bounty on your head and your crew's. Thrust into a career you never thought of. Nowhere to turn, but into the Void. Hair raising strafing runs on hapless frieghters. Disable them, and pillage them with remote piloted drones. Steal credits and equipment to sell and trade to finance your exploits, enabling you to discover the secret of your former employer. Fend off the authorities from the gun turrets. Can you keep them at bay until the jump drives come online? Can you discover the secret to the cargo shipments to the outer planets? The game was cancelled before being published but there is a playable demo.
Level Demo 2MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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