Russian Special Forces Soldier FSKN / Boets Spetsnaza FSKN Rossii / Narkopolizia Multimedia technology and distance learning 2007

This is a high-tech game with interesting storyline and addictive gameplay in the action genre based on an important problem of modern society still not yet found sufficient coverage in computer games - drug trafficking. Like America's Army, this was payed for by the Russian Federal Drug Control Service as a free game to be used as a propaganda tool. The collection of technologies used, interesting and topical story, highly interactive environment and a high probability of re-playing game by one person can hope for success among players and the press. It involves high dynamic gameplay, fully three-dimensional environment, a large number of characters in the game and easily understandable storyline. From the introduction of a group of Russian mafiosi serving a transportation cartel, the agent in the Russian Federal Drug Control Service receives information on the supply shipment of heroin by sea. The agent transmits the approximate coordinates of the loading of goods, which should happen next to the abandoned village of the workers on the Pacific coast of Russia. According to the information agent, the drug will distribute throughout the country.
Russian Full Freeware or Extreme Repack plus Sound & Video Addons ~1GB / 543MB+52MB+108MB (@ Absolute Games)
English Translation Patch ~7kb ( made by MasteromaN & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Free Russian 2CD ISO + Addon 702+354+332MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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