TankVR Daniel Bedrich, Bruno Köhler / daubit Programmierung Service GmbH 2017

Early Access Release This is a open world arcade tank game, where you have to hit target at the shooting range. At the start of the game, you will be at the menu. Here you can look at the credits, controls and the leaderboard. To start the game, you shoot with the tank at the target standing in front of you. Now you started the level. The objective is to destroy all targets at the shooting range. You can drive everywhere you want on the map. If you see a target, you can use the look threw in front of you to aim at the target. There will be a scope and a distance display. You have a laser to aim at the target. It will turn red, if the laser hits the target. Don't trust the laser, the bullet will drop if you are far away. After you destroyed all targets, you will be back in the menu. Now there will be a keyboard where you see you score. After typing in your name, your score is now shown in the leaderboard. Challenge your friends, if you are brave enough. The score is made up of several factors. The main factor is the distance to the target you are shooting at. You can get a direct hit at the target or you can miss it and destroy it with the splash damage. A direct hit gets all points and an indirect hit gets half or third of the points. It depends on the distance you missed the target. If you got a direct hit, you got 30 seconds to destroy the next target with a direct hit. The multiplier will go from 2 up to 5, if you're fast enough. If you hit the ground within the 30 seconds, your multiplier will be lost. Upcoming features: Multiplayer; Singleplayer AI tanks; Use of the machine gun on top of the tank; New maps; New tanks; Server leaderboard.
Download: None currently available

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