Hyper Void IN|Framez Technology Corp. 2017

First on PS3 in 2015, this is a 3rd-person space-shooter 1-player arcade game that uniquely takes place right inside intergalactic wormholes. Gameplay is fast-paced and challenging, with many skills required to get through the wide variety of enemies and tough bosses. This is not a blind-shooting game; you will need to master your weapons and maneuvering skills to beat the challenge. Features: 29 unique levels; Hyper Mode - Hyper difficulty but with a Hyper fighter to take on the Hyper challenge; Dynamic psychedelic wormholes as well as deep breath-taking outer-space environments; Numerous unique enemies and bosses... lots of big bosses; Shoot multiple weapons simultaneously and over-charge with a variety of power-ups; Different missions and challenges, including combat, races, traps and speed tunnels; Secret orbs to discover and achievements to unlock; NEW PC-exclusive Challenge mode - 3 never-ending levels, the longer you survive the higher you go on the leaderboards.
Download: None currently available

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