Super Man Or Monster Xform 2017

This is a monster-filled, explosive, third person action game. You choose if you want to fight with MAN to protect, or MONSTER to destroy the world! Build your army. Blast monsters and fly around with your jetpack. Kick ass. OR... Bash, stomp and wreck cities. Bring chaos. Your choice. The original Man Or Monster was a simple voxel style browser game. This takes it to the next level by adding all stuff we didn't have time for. It's a full standalone game with controller support, full-screen retro visuals, lots of new content and a pretty awesome split-screen mode. Features: Play as Man or as Monster - Two types of gameplay for the price of one; Explore more than 30 of the world’s biggest cities in glorious cubestyle; Units in the game are all controllable by Man; Split-screen game mode - Man versus Monster; Unlock all units, monsters, special attacks and trophies; 8-bit look now in three dimensions; Great retro chiptunes that won't go out of your head; Controller support; No IAP or Pay-To-Win; A jetpack and fart-attacks. Need I say more?
2014 Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin (uploaded by Kongregate)

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