Iwatsuki MSD-Japan 1998

This is a full-scale vertical scrolling shooter set in outer space. The base of the enemy made on the asteroid belt becomes the battlefield of the first stage. As fighter-type and tank-type enemies draw combination attacks, let's definitely destroy each machine one by one while avoiding enemy bullets calmly. When it is done, the rest aircraft system will restart from the middle of the stage. Let's take red or blue items and power up as we do not rely too much on the initial shots against the enemy's melee. Red with a wide attack range is recommended as it can shoot many bullets when approaching. Even bosses waiting at the base can be destroyed by haste if they bring it to the close combat. It is a good idea to fight at a distance because you can not defeat this huge mother ship against the huge mother ship refrained at the end of the stage. If you do not have confidence in avoiding bombs, try bombing in close combat and aim for haste!
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ISO Demo 14MB (uploaded by myloch)

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