Black Warrior 1994

The aim of this is to develop a third person viewing mod like Deadspace or Gears of War of which another called class is TPS game. Gameplay: rolling, sliding , special skills and slow motion will be supported for a way of a new playing style and these funny functions will enable you to kill enemies, as you will be able to be constantly avoiding enemy's bullets; moreover, all of these actions will be shown through third person viewing; not only you can fight enemies but also sometimes you can infiltrate enemies camp; but the number of the weapons which can be used for this strategy is only two (e.g. a gun with a silencer and a blade). The protagonist's native place is Trinity planet and the whole story line of this mod tells us that he starts his journey for retaking his homeland occupied by the race of which name is darknebular. There are Blackwarrior's own additional stages - if you clear map 30, you will be able to play map 999.
Download v0.17b 240.8MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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