DoomRL Arsenal 1994

This mod modifies just about all items in the game, and adds new player classes. Monsters are unaffected, but monster projectiles are. This mod was inspired by the fantastic Doom Roguelike made by Kornel Kisielewicz. While playing DoomRL, I felt that some of the mechanics used in it could be brought over and incorporated into Doom, and started brainstorming for months on exactly how to go about it using what I know of Zdoom DECORATE coding. The end result is great for blasting through a megawad with a friend, supporting each other with each classes unique abilities and having something to work towards past just finding the BFG9000. Almost all the glorious weaponry from DoomRL makes an appearance here.
Download v1.05 + Without Weapons Limit + Monsters and Hud Addons 85.3MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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