Guncaster 1993

This mod works with a handful of games - Doom, Heretic and Hexen. As the dimensional mess, caused by by the serpent riders started to take its toll, the universes began to crumble under the pressure of chaos sphere. Anomalies were a common bread, and things started to be really ugly. From one of the worlds which received such treatment comes the mod's protagonist - Cygnis Flaynithere. A bit crazed hero-wannabe, who's also far from being a human. A skillful gunslinger which actually hates magic, as it's the cause of all of the mess he was thrown into. Still, he doesn't mind using it to get the job done. What kind of job, you may ask? That'd be kicking D'Sparil's ass, of course. Basically you play a dragon with new weapons, spells, stratocasters and items.
Download v2.8a + DoomKrakken's Monster Randomizer 53.9MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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