Touhou Tenkarou: Frantically Forbidden Fruit Gore 2017

Touhou Tenkarou (English: Eastern Heavenly Flower Tower), is a Touhou vertically scrolling shooter who previously released Shin'yaku: Touhou Gensousatsu - Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker. Developed by using Danmakufu ph3, the script files were left unpacked which means that Danmakufu application is not required in order to play the game. It is unusually hot, but fruit are popping everywhere, therefore the girls decide making juice. Figuring there must be something up there, Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Sanae, Youmu, and Reisen take off to investigate. Some important gameplay features are similar to Touhou Kanjuden, Touhou Kishinjou and Touhou Shinreibyou. There are two game modes; Legacy and Paradise, where the core mechanic lies in the fruits. In Paradise Mode certain enemies will drop fruit on destruction, which fills a jar of juice and the player can collect for different effects. However, Legacy Mode removes fruit and lifebar mechanics making it very similar to Touhou Kishinjou.
Download: None currently available

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