Scrap Top Shelf Studios 2017

Before the tech apocalypse, the humans built a perfect city where robots did all the work. It did not take long for technology to turn against protocol and begin taking the lives of their human counterparts. Twenty years later, the robot uprising fell apart with no way to service the larger machines. Civilization became a trail of broken metal on desolate highways. There are very few humans left, and the only ones brave enough to traverse these barren wastelands are called Scrappers. Shoot, kick, and detonate your way through a post tech apocalyptic wasteland where robots reign terror upon the resourceful Scrappers. Scrap foes, unlock weapons, play alone or with friends and take back the world. Scrap is a free, 3D, action, twin stick, shooter that offers single player and local co-op experiences. Play as a Scrapper, fighting your way through a multitude of robot foes, utilizing tactical teamwork and makeshift weapons. Xbox 360 Controller is Required. Four Action Packed Missions: Travel through the winding desert wastes, through run down highways and train yards, to a robot graveyard. Many challenging obstacles stand between you and a goal of collecting scrap to build more powerful weapons for protection from robots. Replay each mission as many times as you want to collect more scrap or to try and perfect your run through each of the missions. Four different styles of enemy combat to keep Scrappers on their toes: Swarmers are not a threat alone but bring danger in large rushing numbers; Kamikazes run directly for the Scrapper, forcing to reprioritize which enemy to scrap first; Rifle Bots Attack Scrappers from a distance, changing positioning on the ground; Sniper Bots force Scrappers to stay mobile and punishes non awareness of environment. Use destructively fun and dangerous environments to your advantage, altering the surroundings by taking out bridges, sniper watch towers, obstructive crates, and explosive barrels. Among the standard enemy forces, make sure to watch out for hidden pit falls, landmines, electric fences, and even a train or two. Thirteen Quirky Weapons: Take on and turn your foes into collectible scrap, using their rusted bolts to buy new and improved weaponry after or during a mission. Scrappers are masters of ingenuity and their puny but effective weapons show it. Collect and mix and match 4 throwable explosives with 9 unique weapons in order to take down hordes of robots to your liking. 4 Person Multiplayer - Make mayhem with up to four friends in local co-op. The more Scrappers on a mission, the higher the difficulty and number of enemies standing in your way. Make sure to pay attention for which end of the gun your friends are on because friendly fire is inevitable. It's made by a team of 14 University of Central Florida Students. To several team members, Scrap is their final senior project under a Digital Media of Game Design degree.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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