Unexpected, The Lonely Men Studio 2017

This is the ultimate FPS multiplayer gaming experience. With a vast world tantamount to Earth with other worldly characteristics, it will provide players with all levels of experience hours of entertainment and adventure. From choosing their own gun to being thrust into an unknown environment, unarmed players track their weapon of choice using visual and audios clues while dodging armed enemies. It's the critical race to find your gun and slay enemies so you can rank number 1. Each game is unpredictable, giving players a unique experience every time. The game was created as a final year project for a Bachelor's Degree for Games and Interactive Entertainment. The game currently supports multiplayer for up to 4 people. The main mechanic of the game is that when you enter the game the teleport malfunctions and your weapons is randomly placed around the map and you need to find it. You are also linked to your weapon in a way that whenever you are killed your weapon will also be respawned no matter where it is, or who is holding it. While playing you are allowed to pick up other players weapons, but this leave you at the risk of it disappearing if they are killed. It's a fast-paced game made with Unity with short rounds, intended for multiple games in a session as opposed to a single long one.
Free Game 135MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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