Undead Development Masterstrike, LadrikDev 2017

Early Access Release This is a virtual reality game built for the HTC Vive. Explore different environments and scavenge for supplies, weapons, and ammo. Choose a base to defend and start boarding up any openings with the hammer tool. Break apart furniture and use the pieces to wall up your new home. The undead horde will soon put your construction skills to the test. See how long you can last with short breaks to rebuild and scavenge again. It has a dynamic nailing system that allows you to nail any object to another. Board up an open doorway to slow down the undead, nail an axe to your rifle, or see what happens when you nail a bear trap to the end of a baseball bat. What creative ways will you come up with to defend your home? Features: Explore maps and choose your base to defend; Scavenge for supplies from randomized loot; Break apart furniture and use it to fortify your base; Use the dynamic nailing system to find creative ways to protect yourself. Current Content: A progression system with over 70 pieces of loot to unlock and with more than 30 being unique guns and weapons; 4 available maps designed to be replayable and open ended. 3 maps have multiple bases to choose from. All maps use a randomized loot system for scavenging supplies; Each map has a night mode to unlock that is spookier and more difficult; A home base with practice range. The game currently has preliminary support for Oculus. It isn't designed as a horror game. There aren't any elements designed to jump scare the player. The game was built around teleport locomotion but the game also has initial support for trackpad smooth walking, smooth turning and snap turning.
Download: None currently available

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