Len'en Tasouken: Earthen Miraculous Sword Trick Nostalgie 2013

Suddenly, the weather in Mugenri became exceptionally cloudy, and the three heroines Yabusame, Tsubakura, or Kuroji set up to investigate this incident. Len'en Tasouken (English: Connecting Chain of) is the second game in Len'en series. It continues the story of the first game, but was released concurrently with with Evanescent Existence. The game features three playable characters, 6 stages with Extra Mode (can be unlocked by clearing the main game on any difficulty) and Absurdly Extra Mode (can be unlocked once the main game is cleared on Unreal difficulty). New to the game is "cloud flower gauge" system which is affecting scores and can be filled up by defeating enemies and capturing spell cards, but it depletes when the player dies or bombs.
Free Game 129MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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