SAS: Secure Tomorrow CITY Interactive 2008

Terrorists from the Cold Path organization aim at taking revenge on Her Majesty's Government of Great Britain, causing a big crisis in the country. Elite commando troops from SAS are given clear objectives: stop the terrorists and eliminate them.
One of the leaders of a dangerous terrorist group named Cold Path breaks his accomplice out of prison. The operation proves a success and both men move out to the criminal underworld. A few months later the British intelligence agents from MI6 find out that the Cold Path are planning to launch an attack on a financial centre in the very heart of London. Their evil plan is disturbed by the forces of SAS. Yet, a part of the terrorist group manages to escape justice and hide in their base on Greenland. The commandos' mission is yet to be completed.
Polish Demo ~624MB ( @ WorthPlaying)
Spanish DVD ISO Demo & crkfix 3.69GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Repack Full Demo (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 2.41GB
Gamersgate Digital ISO Demo 1.89GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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