Pawarumi Manufacture 43 2017

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jan 30/2018 In a world where the Council rules the nations with an iron fist, you play as Axo, pilot of the legendary ship Chukaru. Experience her fight with the limitless armies of the Council, become the master of Chukaru's power and find the true meaning behind all your actions. A dark secret is yet to be revealed. Accessible to the simple press of a button, it offers you three different weapons and one super attack to rain divine fire on your enemies. To protect you in your intense journey, a shield will automatically trigger when you're about to be hit. It will annihilate any bullet around you. True to the shoot'em up genre, that shield is powerful but depletes very quickly so you'll still have to be very careful. By shooting with the right weapon on the right type of enemy, Chukaru's unique Trinity Mechanic enables you to deal extra damage, heal your shield or recharge your super attack at any time. Not unlike the famous game of rock-paper-scissors, this original gameplay mechanic gives a whole new tactical layer to the genre. Mastering these three mechanics will be key to your success. They offer lots of strategic opportunities and always allows you to fall back on your feet, even after making a tiny mistake. The more you'll play, the better you'll juggle with the weapons, find your own style, finish the game and reach the top of the leaderboard. Unique Artistic Direction: Set in a unique pre-columbian inspired sci-fi universe. Presented in full 3D: Allowing glorious cinematic staging. Five Unique Levels: All around the world and inspired by classics from the 1990s pop culture. Three Different Difficulty Levels: Each with a different story ending. Trinity Game Mechanic: Three fused mechanics that enable infinite strategies. Weapon Mastery Scoring System: Build up your own scoring strategy with careful weapon juggling. With no long standing combos to maintain, scorers will never be frustrated. Are you ready to challenge the top of the leaderboard? Dynamic Layered Music: Awesome Peruvian Electro-Metal soundtrack. Full Keyboard and Controller Support: With remappable inputs for maximum compatibility. It offers a deep and satisfying experience, bringing delight to newcomers of the genre as well as to experienced players.
Download: None currently available

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