Get To The Orange Door Andrew Smith / Arcade Coin 2017

Early Access Release This is an intense and adrenaline pumping parkour platforming First Person Shooter based around the neon and chrome retro-futurist aesthetic of the 80's. With a mix of classic and modern first person shooter mechanics, wall run, slide, clamber and dash around each level at supersonic speeds as you blow through enemies with unique weaponry and fluid movement mechanics. This is the Die Hard of modern indie FPS games. Use a varying range of weaponry, from a sword that can deflect bullets all the way to two full auto extended magazine machine pistols that shoot heat seeking rounds. Vending machines and boxes scattered and hidden around each level will help you arm up and prepare for the coming action. Features: 11 levels with five more to come before Content Update #1; Four modes, Default, Ninja, Race, and Arena mode; 15 weapons to blow through enemies with; A full parkour system based off of Titanfall 2 and Mirror's Edge movement mechanics. Dashing, double jumping, clambering, and wallrunning mechanics are all at your disposal; Hidden health and parkour upgrades scattered along the levels; Up to 48 enemy variations, each with different equipment, combat style, and aggressiveness.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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