War Drones Alexey Glinskiy 2017

The explosive PvP and PvE online action game in a Sci-Fi setting. The events that unfold in the War world are based on the confrontation of private corporations. Corporations take under control of the mineral deposits, that need to be protected at any cost. Your mission is to protect your mineral deposits and capture enemy bases. It tells about the events of the far future. On the planetary satellites there is a fierce war for mineral deposits. Try to be the best guardians of your minerals. As a player you will be in the command of the most diverse machines. Each class represents a tactics style of battle. Heavy ground and air units with faster engines or powerful protection and much more dangerous weapons - its your choose. Many extra abilities like using a energy shields in the battle or Air attack from the space and teleporting your squad on to your position etc. Global rating of the players - try to become the best defender of your mineral deposits.
Download: None currently available

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