Battle of Red Cliffs VR Wisecat 2017

This provides you with the chance to experience the great battle of Red Cliffs, one of the most historic battles from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Experience the novel gameplay features only available in VR. Experience the naval warfare of Red Cliffs, as well as the ground war spreading across the main base of CaoCao's forces. Use various weapons to fight off enemies and defeat powerful enemy bosses. The Story Mode contains multiple boss battles, while the Challenge Mode let you aim for better score records. Become the hero of the battlefield. Game Mode: Into the Story of Red Cliffs (Story Mode); Experience the Battle of Red Cliffs from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms; Zhang He, Xu Chu, Xiahou Dun, Zhou Tai, Taishi Ci, and Zhou Yu as the enemy bosses. Challenge Mode: to compete for better records; Play within limited time to earn higher scores; Stages coming in various styles. Configurations and User Convenience: Various weapons (Swords, Spears, Weights, Bows, Hand Axes, Chukonus, Catapults); Various hostile archetypes; VR sickness minimized by minimum motion; Options available for both the right and left-handed. Scheduled Updates: More Challenge Mode stages; New Mode.
Download: None currently available

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