Resident Evil VII: Biohazard - End of Zoe Capcom Co., Ltd. 2017

The story continues Zoe's plot from the base game. Ethan Winters decided to save his beloved Mia, but Zoe, who was left alone, managed to survive and she met a mysterious man named Joe. The man tells her that he is a member of the family and that he intends to fix everything. End of Zoe expands the ideas from the base game. It is a classic survival horror game, similar to first entries in the Resident Evil series. The main difference is that the action is presented by using a first-person perspective. The main objective in the game is to survive while in a place filled with various monsters. The player has limited access to weapons and ammunition. In addition to that, during the gameplay the player must solve various puzzles, usually by finding required items and using them in adequate locations.
Download: None currently available

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