Rape of the Dead TeamKrama 2017

Erotic elements fused into full-fledged FPS. In a world where zombies (common name: Z) wander created by a suddenly infested virus. Can you survive from this hell with three heroines? Use machine guns, handguns, shotguns and other firearms to annihilate the attacking zombies. How long can you protect the inferior heroines? The zombies aren't the only ones trying to rape the heroines, you, the Player, can also choose to rape your allies.Will you overcome your lust and fight the horde, or succumb to something almost as bad as a zombie? Features: Use 3D guns and blunt weapons to annihilate the imminent Z's; 5 types of enemies appear; 15 types of appearing weapons; scenario, 7 kinds of games; latest game engine "UnrealEngine 4" with high 3D graphics was used; level of difficulty; mixture of erotic × horror × FPS. It includes H scenes of various situations to satisfy the player: rape (Rei ), Machine cans, heterogeneous cans, Ryona elements such as egg-laying, side effects such as when virus is deployed, variety of zombies, murder scenes of the heroine, after a game clear there is a CG mode.
Trial Demo 1.22GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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