Cyborg Invasion Shooter Tero lunkka, Valkeala Software 2017

You are only soldier who can save the world. Cyborg army has conquered world. Your target is to collect 9 artifacts in different worlds and upload virus in last mission to cyborg factory and end their possession. Game contains 9 different levels, Each target is collect artifact which is in somewhere in level. Levels are different themed like sci-fi factory, forest, snowland, dungeon etc. When player finds artifact he is teleported to other level which are unlocked so you have to play levels in order. Every level contains different enemies, like cyborgs, shooting turrets, flying ships, and also different traps like laser traps. Every level contain 2-3 checkpoints, where player respawns after death. Player has also 4 weapons to help his mission and also melee attacks like kicking is possible. Player can collect many pick-ups like health and ammos. Features: 9 levels; options menu; lot of enemies; 4 weapons - 2 pistols, rifle, shotgun. Possible updates in future: More different enemies.
Download: None currently available

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