Gunship Battle2 VR: Steam Edition JoyCity 2017

Become a former ace pilot Dylan participating in a top secret government project. But because of it, he lost everything, even his family and his memory. Before he has chance to recoup his life, the fate of world rests solely on his shoulder. The experimental gunship is the only chance that Dylan has to save the world and avenge his family. You, as Dylan, can make that happen. Get to your bird soldier. Key Features: Dive into Massive Battle with High Speed Gunships; Fly over the vast open battle field and take out the enemy; Immerse Yourself with Life of Dylan Reece; Draw into a former ace pilot’s point of view through VR story scenes and fully voiced mission briefings; Experience VR Action in 90fps; Hop in to a real-time cockpit experience with enhanced VR gameplay; Become the Pilot of Various Gunships; Unlock & upgrade your gunship to eliminate your enemies in more challenging difficulties.
Download: None currently available

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