Reficul MAVR / Mad About Games Studios Ltd. 2017

Early Access, Full Release Date: May 10/2018 Virtual Reality Survival Horror meets an all-new apocalypse. Experience an atmospheric and challenging survival horror game based in a dark new world with a host of cool features and innovative VR controls. As darkness descends upon the world. can you survive the dark new world? Prepare for a challenging and unique enemy, realistic weapon handling, powerful magical relics, perma-death, and lots of eerie fun. Built from the ground up for Oculus Rift and the HTC-Vive, Reficul focuses on every aspect survival horror with plenty of action combat based gameplay using a variety of weapons and magical relics. With a unique visual real-time inventory and 2 hands, you become the controller as you react and observe the environment to survive our darkest night. Observation is a huge part of the game, there are no glowing way-point markers or highlighted pickups. Survival is not handed on a plate in Reficul, this game will test all your survival skills. Features: Huge game world to explore if you dare; Real-time Visual Inventory (No menus); Realistic weapon handling and physics; Swap Items between hands; left and right-handed control scheme (excluding some weapons); Immersive environments with a tense atmosphere and real sense of dread; Powerful Relics with infinite and unique and awesome powers; Procedural enemies and effects such as lightning; Challenging gameplay which will get harder the more you play; Perma-Death with huge replay value with the freedom we give you; Locomotion & Teleport - Use either or both together; Unique atmospheric apocalyptic survival setting and story; Bonus Games - During Early Access, We will let you test out "They Came From the East" DLC as we build it.
Download: None currently available

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