Sky Hunter Codex7 2017

This is an exciting 3D helicopter combat game. Play in the most action packed airborne battles, with easy controls and awesome dogfighting actions. Take control of a mighty Sky Hunter and immediately plunge into 8 player ONLINE BATTLES to the death over 5 dangerous locations. Lock on your missiles and UNLEASH HELL on your opponents as you swoop through the arenas in aerial combat. There are several combat modes at random. Enjoy the arcade like controls, quick fire gameplay and amazing visual effect. Develop a military career and keep challenging yourself to achieve the true goal of combat. Reveal the details of the classic helicopters in hangar. Upgrade and customize the helicopter into an unstoppable fighter. PILOTS, the sky is full of battles. Come and join the combat NOW. Function and content: Hangar - You can get different types of helicopters, and upgrade the component upgrades properties, you can also choose different painting and decals personalized equipment to enhance the properties of helicopters; Fighting - The game "start fighting" will randomly open into personal warfare, hot war, and so on, you can choose to team up and steam friends to fight alongside; Ranking - Global player Combat meritorious arrangement show; Achievement - Achievement of rank, rank, etc. gold bars are available to obtain a particular helicopter.
Download: None currently available

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