Flesh God, The Nuberu Games 2017

This is a hardcore action platformer where you shoot a massive gun to fly through deadly levels infested with mutant flesh. You shoot, everything flies - The Earth has been devoured by a massive mass of meat and you are the one left to defeat it. Run and shoot to survive and kill your enemies in this action-packed game. Shoot down to fly up, shoot left to dash right. You are the gunner. One tool – multiple uses: You have your gun, and that’s all you need. Shoot to launch yourself across the level, shoot to kill your enemies and shoot to live another day. The gun is used to convey all the movement and action through easy to learn but hard to master controls. Deadly platforming levels - As you progress in the game, your gun will upgrade with more shots, which will allow you to perform amazing acrobatics to beat the 40+ short-but-intense levels. Shoot your way around, dodge bullets, tongues and teeth, and just when you think you're safe, a truck-sized monster appears running to eat you. When that happens, leave the controller alone, take a walk, talk to some friends, think about your life choices... Then you'll be ready to try again. Global Rankings - Run and shoot faster than the rest of your friends to be the king of the level. Push harder and find the quickest way around a level to become the fastest of the world. Dark and twisted world - Who are you? Why are you fighting? Pray to The Flesh God and try to find all the pills of each world to unlock your dreams and learn the truth.
Download: None currently available

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