Hopalong: The Badlands From the Future LLC 2017

This is a VR game where violence and comedy combine with a one-of-a-kind movement system. Hop, skip, or simply wave your stick horse up and down to gallop smoothly through the western landscape filled with the villainous group known as the Dynamite Gang. They are beyond redemption and there is no "or Alive" part on their wanted posters. Features: Oscillot locomotion system for intuitive movement through the landscape; Murderous stick-horse riding outlaws made out of wood; Fight Boss Boomity and his flying stick-pig Pigasus in an intense night time battle; Earn new stick horses as you progress, even Pigasus; Dodge dynamite or shoot it while it's in the air back at the imbecile that threw it; Enemies with Gatling guns? Run. Weapons: Eight Shooter - One more than seven bullets means one more than seven bandits headed for a dirt nap; Pickaxe - Like a normal axe but for rocks. Or bandits. Mostly bandits; Double-Barrel - Why shoot a bullet when you can blow a bunch of hot metal out of, not only one, but two barrels? Not to mention Jolene is one pretty lady; Sniper Rifle - Long gun, long range. 'Nough said; Dynamite - You only need a pinch to blow up a bandit. Good you've got a whole stick of it; Iron Falcon - Big bullets for when you have big problems. Oh, and they explode; Brimstone Gun - For when its dark, or when you need to light a bandit on fire. Which ever comes first.
Download: None currently available

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