Creation (cancelled) Bullfrog Productions / Electronic Arts UK 1997

"Magic Carpet" under water, would you have liked it? This is what we could have been with this project the was developed by the same developer. It seems useless to say that the realization was sumptuous: the 3D engine was doing wonders, the movements of aquatic animals that frolic under your eyes are beautiful. The beginnings of Creation dates back to 1992, and the synopsis has evolved over time: first it was a submarine simulator, then a game in which we must save the underwater fauna of an asphyxiating fungus that spreads at great speed, then later a game in which you must recount on a planet completely submerged the aquatic fauna disappeared from the Earth while leading an army of intelligent dolphins to face crime syndicates (yes yes, the same ones as in " Syndicate Wars ") who want to exploit the narcotic alga that grows on this planet. In 1996, Electronic Arts suggested the team abandon the project to focus on the more promising "Dungeon Keeper" and "Populous 3". They finally gave them a six month deadline, but one of the three developers, Matt (Whitton?), who had created the game engine, gave up to devote himself solely to programming on PlayStation. One of the remaining two programmers, Guy Simmons, threw in the towel, ending the project. He then founded Mucky Foot Productions with Mike Diskett and Fin McGechie. It remains today a playable demo only.
Level Demo 16MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)
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