Reboant DarkLord / Dome VR 2017

Early Access Release This is a sci-fi FPS game set in the future. The story centers around the origin of Earth's civilization. The stories main character Wu. Wu, serves in the Intergalactic Expeditionary Force of the Earth Alliance. He is a skilled and courageous warrior, but often finds himself wondering where he came from, where he is going, and why is he here. As Wu, the player will join a special task force the ends up being caught in the crossfire or waring alien races. Through the game, the player will discover Wu's real origins as well as Earth's civilization's origin and destiny. Enriched VR experience - The player will enter into a unique immersive VR world. The environment is truly unique and open. Players can freely use an array of different weapons, use inherent and unique skills, and will take part in epic story. Cinematic VR Experience – You are not alone, players can team up with other players (PvP and PvE) or can play with in game AI to face dangers and explore the unknown universe. Open World – There is a complete and open alien world. By following the games storyline or simply exploring the universe, players will encounter strange creatures, dangerous scernaios as well as witness magnificent views of nature and ruins of alien civilizations. Developing Story - The world view expands as the plot develops. The more you get into the story the more races and distinct characters will appear. The sheer variety of racial civilizations will bring a visual feast and incredible experience to all players. Oculus Support will come very soon.
Download: None currently available

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